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AI powered chatbot with a halal filter that gives you citations to the Quran & Hadith

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the chatbot is recommending correct information?We are using citations so that all Islamic text has a source you can go to and read up on yourself. Additionally we are adding curation to mark information as incorrect and are inviting scholars to help curate and train the model.
Is this safe for kids?We have a halal filter that makes it so it will not answer questions outside the scope of Islam
How do you make money?Currently we don't. This is a tool as many of us wanted a ChatGPT alternative made by Muslims to be better Muslims. If you want to donate click here.
What features do you want to implement?Inshallah, we have alot on our roadmap. This is a volunteer driven and open-source project. We would love for more engineers, designers and Islamic scholars to help curate.
Who is selected off the waitlist?Our early adopters will be Islamic scholars, designers, and developers. This is to train and improve the model and prevent any instances where incorrect information reach the public.